Best Customer Care

Although all companies say they provide good customer care, M&I believes we are setting a higher bar for the industry based on flexibility and increased visibility.
As a provider of turnkey project solutions (not just products), we assure successful projects from pre-feed through project start up and commissioning and beyond.
Our E&I field services team stays with the project through commissioning, through the warranty period and beyond, assuring optimal uptime for critical energy projects globally.
M&I also believes that the best suppliers are able to provide full access to all project details for engineering, project and procurement personnel at customer-own set, shipyards or Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms.
We have deployed a Web-based project management system that has not only project schedules but also RFI, change order status and other key project items. We make this web based platform customer accessible at any time by the customer for full project visibility. For those customers that want ultimate visibility, we provide secure, real time web video coverage of the project in our manufacturing plant.
As our project management platform is web based, all functionality including the real time video monitoring is available on all web browsers and can be viewed on devices including iPhones and other computing devices.