M&I Electric Brazil

M&I Electric Brazil was established in 2014. With operations in Rio de Janeiro and Macae, Brazil, M&I Electric Brazil provides E&I services to the Brazilian oil & gas, power generation, industrial and marine markets.


Our services capabilities include:
Electrical Services for Offshore Drilling & Marine Industry
Technical Services for Oil & Gas Offshore and Onshore, Drilling, Pipe Lay and Platform Supply Vessels
M&I Electric Inc and its subsidiary M&I Electric Brazil Ltd have been providing technical products and services worldwide for almost 70 years. Equipped with the latest available test and calibration equipment M&I service engineers & technicians can establish a base line of all equipment during commissioning of new facilities, and continue to maintain and repair equipment as needed to maximize system up time.
Field Services
Relay & Meter Testing
• Protective relay testing & calibration (electro-mechanical, solid state, microprocessor)
• Repair & function test
• Setting file programming (any brand)
Circuit Breaker Testing
• Primary and secondary injection (Makers Test Kit as ABB, EATON, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, GE)
• Contact resistance and insulation
• Time travel analysis
• Vacuum Integrity with AC Hi-Pot Test
• Breaker retrofits and upgrades (any brand)
AC & DC Drive Services
• Vacon VFD drive repair, commissioning & troubleshooting
• AC & DC Drive routine inspection and maintenance
• DC Drive commissioning & troubleshooting
Motors & Generators
• Motors & Generator preventive maintenance + Electrical testing
• Thruster motors & generators bearing replacement onboard
• Engine/Generator Control upgrades & commissioning (AVR, Speed Control, Load Share Control)
• CO2 (dry ice) cleaning in loco
• Laser alignment and vibration analysis
• Winding resistance and polarization index
• DC Hi potential & Delta Tan
• On site rewinding
NR-10 Safety Regulation
• PIE report
• Long term contract
• Technical responsibility
• PPE & CPE re-certifications in loco
Transformer Testing
• Winding resistance
• TTR - Transformer Turn Ratio
• Insulating fluids
• Dissolved gas analysis
• Power factor testing
Switchboard Services – LV and HV
• Infrared inspection
• SPS survey + cleaning
• Repairs in loco
• Infrared (IR) window installation IEC 62271-200 arc flash tested
• Parts replacement (any brand)
• Upgrades & system troubleshooting
• Partial Discharge (PD) testing and survey
• Switchboard & MCC retrofits and modifications
Cable & Bus Testing
• Hi Potential & Megger
• Bus upgrades and repairs
• Medium Voltage splices services
General Services
• Acceptance testing
• Startup services
• Shutdown testing services
• Cell retrofit of breakers
• Substation battery testing
• Selectivity Study and Protection Coordination
Engineering Services
• System studies
• Coordination studies
• Short circuit studies
• AC & DC system designs and one lines
• PLC programming for Siemens, Rockwell and
Shop Services
• Motors & Generators repair and overhaul
• Breaker repair: primary current injection up to 100.000A
• Retrofit of new trip unit
• Transformer repair and testing
• Breaker Refurbishment
• Relay calibration & repair
• Switchgear refurbishment
• Contactor retrofits to vacuum
Emergency Services 24/7
• Troubleshooting
• Bus bar replacement
• Root cause fault analysis
Preventative Maintenance
• Maintenance programs & system inspection
• Infrared surveys
• Transformer oil/gas analysis
• Scheduled shutdowns
• Battery testing
• Motors & Generators vibration analysis, insulation and bearings temperature monitoring


E&I Field Construction Services for Offshore, Drilling and Marine industries including: Platform Supply Vessels, Land & Offshore Drilling rigs, and O&G Platforms
M&I Electric has experienced, licensed electricians to handle turn-key projects for all types of O&G industry projects. Coupled with M&I’s Manufacturing capabilities which can provide complete systems including switchgear, motor controls AC & DC Drives and automation, technical services including testing & startup, the construction/installation group has capabilities to offer customers a total solution
Electrical Upgrade & New
• Variable Frequency Drives Installations
• SCR Installations
• PLC Cabinet Installations
• Low / Medium Voltage Switchgear Installations & Retrofits
• Generator Power and Control Interconnect Installations
• Woodward EasyGen Installations
• Fiber Optic / Communication System Installations
• Lighting
• General Alarm System
• Fire and Gas Detection
• Phone and Public Address
• Bilge/Ballast System
• Air Purge System
• Anchor System
• Cable Installations
• Cable Tray Installation
• MCT Frame Installations
Work compliant with ABS, DNV,
Lloyd’s and USCG as required