Exploration and Production

M&I Electric is a leading provider of power delivery products and services for oil & gas exploration and production projects.

We are able to provide these products and services worldwide.  Project can range from complete new turn-key systems or upgrade and re-power of existing systems.  New systems can include the latest available variable speed AC drive technology and control/automation systems or proven analog SCR drives and new power distribution equipment.  Coupling products with installation and startup services allows the customer a single source turnkey solution. 

Land Drilling Systems
The faster rigs can set up, drill, break down and move makes for a much more effective tool for any operator. M&I Electric's systems help reduce the weight of the overall rig and therefore increase the speed in all aspects of land based drilling. M&I Electric's AC and DC packages with our DrillAssist control systems also increase drilling efficiencies and remarkably reduces drilling costs.

Offshore drilling
Offshore drillers recognize the criticality of technology, reliability and efficiency. Platforms, Barges, Ocean Tenders, Jack-ups, Drill Ships and Semi-submersibles all have their own benefits and tradeoffs for enabling effective and profitable offshore and near shore drilling. M&I Electric can provide complete power systems for new drilling rig projects including systems such as AC drive systems which meet the latest IEEE 519 standards for harmonics utilizing either multi pulse or active front end inverters.  The AC switchgear can be provided to meet either ANSI or IEC standards through 11KV.  In addition all necessary low voltage switchgear and MCC can be provided including automation systems for a total integrated system.
With the cost of new drilling rigs increasing steadily retrofitting, re-powering and upgrading existing rigs is a large part of M&I Electric’s offering.  We can provide custom solutions to either retrofit existing switchgear and drives or manufacture add on to existing lineups. 
M&I Electric's 60 plus years of power delivery, technical services and maintenance services experience have brought security and reliability to many of these systems all over the globe. Developing power solutions for offshore drilling requires adherence to key marine certifications including ABS, DNV, and Coast Guard standards. In addition, M&I Electric is recognized for our highest quality NEMA-3R and NEMA-4 classification systems for deployment in the harshest offshore environments.

M&I Electric has significant global experience in the following types of offshore and land drilling projects:

• Drilling equipment power
          o Mud pump power
          o Draw works power
          o Top drive power
• Mooring power
• Jacking power
• Propulsion system power

M&I Electric offers the following products for the land and offshore drilling markets:

• AC VFD and power control room
• DC SCR packages
• Analog Ross-Hill/Hill-Hayes style drives and packages
• 480V and 600V generator control switchboards
• Motor control systems
• Emergency generator systems
• Drill rig automation controls
• Rig-up services
• Post installation Field services

Offshore Production Platforms
Complete electrical systems including power and control buildings are included with all necessary switchgear and controls.

Complete power delivery systems are provided including generator controls, propulsion drives, motor controls, distribution and automation.  There are provided to adhere to ABS, Lloyds, DNV, CSA, DOE and USCG standards.