M&I Electric’s IntelliSafe™ Arc Resistant MV Switchgear is designed with 
the vision that “safety is not an option”.

Our improved Arc Resistant design provides industry leading, patent pending safety features including a simple but rugged door design, door to breaker position interlocks, automated electrical racking, and intelligence built in to help prevent failures and maximize plant uptime. 

Our non-invasive monitoring system is fully customizable for any application and can be easily integrated into any SCADA or higher level system.

IntelliSafe™ is 100% compliant with Process Industry Practices (PIP) specification requirements for Metal-Clad switchgear.





  • Up to 15kV, 4000A, 50kA, two high
  • 10 & 11 Ga. welded steel construction
  • 100% PIP Spec compliant
  • ANSI C37.20.7 tested Type 2B construction
  • Certified by KEMA independent test lab
  • UL Labeled  






IntelliSafe™ has been selected by EC&M magazine as 2016

Product of the Year in the Power Distribution Equipment category. The EC&M Product of the Year competition was established in 2000 to honor excellence in new product development in the electrical industry. The prestigious awards program showcases the most innovative products of the past year.  


IntelliSafe™ has also been selected as a finalist in the Consulting-Specifying Engineer's Product of the Year contest, the premier award for new products in the electrical engineering market. Finalists will be showcased in the April 2016 issue and online for reader voting by product category. Winners will be highlighted in the September 2016 issue and online. 




Features Benefits
Arc Clamp™ single handle multi-point latching door Simple to operate with no tie-down bolts and no bank vault linkages to fail
Door design with welded piano door hinge Prevents door sagging over time
Automated Remote Breaker and VT racking Takes operating personnel out of harm’s way during the breaker and VT racking process
Mechanical through door trip & breaker lockout Maximizes operator safety by allowing a visual mechanical lockout / tag out point through the door
Front and rear door interlocks Prevents access to energized compartments when the breaker is racked and or closed
Tested with multiple IR windows installed Enables thermal inspection without opening door while switchgear is energized
Arc plenum, exhaust flaps & wall vent assembly Safely channels arc products away from adjacent equipment and operating personnel
Real-time monitoring of racking motor current and torque, Partial Discharge, bus bar connections, temperatures and compartment humidity Enables data trending for predictive maintenance to predict failures and maximize uptime
Real-time HMI visualization of breaker position, status & movement during the racking process, front & rear door position status and other data.  Wireless communications available Provides remote control and visualization of racking process and position confirmation.  Allows real-time control of breaker operation
Industrial Internet of Things Enabled Real-time monitoring and trending of data helps predict failures and maximize uptime