Oil and gas pipelines operate more than 2 million miles of pipelines in the US, providing 2/3rds of the petroleum transportation in the US. Continuity of oil pipeline service is a key to the smooth operation of any economy. Pipeline operators must not only operate highly reliable crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum transportation in both developed and/or remote areas, but they must effectively manage the safety, maintenance requirements, and environmental conditions required for integration with local communities and governmental agencies.

Utilizing proven pipeline safety technology and investing in technologies to further improve performance, safety and reliability is paramount to the success of today's pipeline operators. Whether operating a gathering system, transmission pipeline or distribution system, compression optimization is a major factor in safely operation with minimal environmental impact.

Pipeline operators looking to improve operation have upgraded to highly automated pipeline systems and pumping stations. Now, operators are looking at upgrading improving compression systems with cleaner, electrical power.

AETI's compression and pumping power solutions help the pipeline operators enable less CO2 exhaust for reduced environmental impact and enable quieter operation for lower noise emissions, with economical operation and industry leading reliability.

AETI's comprehensive maintenance and testing departments work diligently with pipeline operators to make sure that reliability of their power delivery systems are always in the most effective condition. This constant attention to properly scheduled outages and preventive maintenance keeps the fuel products moving when demands are high and there is no margin for any shortages.

AETI also provides turn-key installation and 24 hour service/support world wide, and combined with our E&I construction service, enable us to take Total System Responsibility for pipeline power delivery requirements.

Sample pipeline projects include:

  • Reciprocating engine upgrades to efficient turbine generators with electric motors
  • Upgrades of Reciprocating engine to utility-provided power and electric motor drives
  • Upgrades compression stations to new higher reliability power equipment

AETI products for the pipeline markets:

  • Low and medium voltage switchgear
  • AC variable frequency drives
  • MCC
  • Power control rooms
  • Field service
  • E&I Construction services