Drilling Automation Systems

Reduce your training time and enable maximum productivity with an M&I Electric control system custom-designed for your operation. 

Automation is one of M&I’s specialties. Our professionals have extensive experience in creating systems that automate operational processes, integrate multiple automated systems and processes, allow for control from a single interface, and incorporate safety systems between equipment that was never designed to operate together. Our automation capabilities include:

  • Pit Volume Totalizer
  • Mud Pit Monitor
  • Mud Pump Monitor / Control
  • BOP Monitor
  • Fluid Pressure Monitor
  • Shaker Table Monitor
  • Mud Flow Monitor
  • Mud Particulate System
  • DrillAssist™ Auto-Driller
  • Power Management
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Safety and Security Systems
  • Closed Circuit TV Systems

Let M&I leverage the latest in automation technology to enable you to work more efficiently, more safely, and with more consistent results. Contact us today to learn how automation can benefit your operation.