Start-up and Commissioning Services

M&I Electric’s start-up and commissioning services provide the expertise to complete your project safely and on schedule. Start-up and commissioning services performed according to documented, repeatable procedures derived from industry best practices reduce the likelihood of equipment failures and support the long-term reliability of an electrical system.

More than half of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation, or start-up deficiencies. When improper start-up and testing procedures are applied, the results can be disastrous. Your electrical system could experience a catastrophic failure due to relatively small installation and testing errors. Many unnecessary outages are due to improper testing procedures that fail to effectively verify performance or are unable to identify inaccurate coordination and calibration of protective devices, wiring errors, design errors, and other problems. In many cases, these failures don’t occur until months after the equipment has gone into operation and the warranties have expired.

The inspection and testing performed on an electrical power system and its components before the initial energization is key to the system and/or components life-cycle reliability. Proper commissioning and start-up testing also provides valuable baseline or benchmark information that can be used to shape the equipment’s future maintenance program.

M&I Electric’s start-up and commissioning services verify that the equipment has been properly installed and its function complies with the purchase specifications and design. Doing so will help ensure that your newly installed equipment operates efficiently as an integrated system.  Properly executed, commissioning can pay dividends in the form of decreased failures, reduced operation and maintenance costs, and lower utility bills.