Preventive Maintenance Services

M&I Electric’s preventive maintenance programs provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their power systems are functioning, properly, safely, and reliably. Our structured programs are custom designed to work with your specific system.

M&I Electric designs programs that work with our customer’s budgetary and operational needs. Our programs ensure that all applicable regulatory and reliability compliance requirements are met.

The result is a properly maintained electrical system that functions correctly, with protective features that minimize equipment damage when anomalous conditions occur. Effective preventive maintenance programs pay for themselves through reductions in operational costs and extended equipment life.

Offerings Include:

  • Transformer testing (power factor, turns ratio, winding resistance)
  • Insulating oil analysis
  • Sf6 gas analysis and leak detection
  • Sf6 gas breaker testing
  • Switchgear and bus duct testing
  • Protective relay testing and calibration (electro-mechanical, solid state, microprocessor)
  • Meter calibration
  • Motor and generator testing
  • Oil circuit breaker testing and repair
  • Low voltage and medium voltage breaker testing
  • Power system studies
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Station battery system testing
  • Earth/ground testing
  • Power cable testing and locating