M&I Electric has been manufacturing factory fabricated Power Distribution Centers (PDCs) for more than two decades, and is uniquely positioned to meet the requirements of a broad range of environments and industries. PDCs are available in painted galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum with numerous options, including: galvanized base, classified area HVAC, pressurization systems, I/O rooms with raised floors, and multiple split piece large designs. PDCs are designed to accommodate and protect all types of switchgear, motor control centers, VFDs, DC systems, UPS,  SCADA and power management systems as well as such ancillary systems as lighting, access control, and life safety. We also design and build ABS compliant, offshore seam welded type electrical buildings to customer job specifications. M&I Electric’s long history of manufacturing PDCs for the Oil & Gas and Power Generation markets provides us with a large library of designs that can be adapted to your needs, enabling us to take your project from NTP to delivery much more quickly.

Our installation footprint spans the globe, providing us with experience meeting requirements from national, state, and provincial authorities as well as worldwide shipping and logistics.

M&I Electric Delivers a Super-Size PDC