Spare Parts Programs

When components fail, repair time is critical. M&I offers a full range of spare and replacement parts to keep your installed equipment up and running. Whether you’ve chosen to stock components using an M&I Spare Parts Program or order failed components on demand, our On Site Repair Services are available if you require assistance to replace the component.

Spare Parts 
Minimize downtime by taking advantage of M&I recommended spare parts program. Our spare parts programs are based upon 65+ years of aftermarket service experience, during which time we have collected and analyzed product-specific data on useful lifespans and failure rates of equipment components down to the lowest replaceable unit (LRU). Using this information, we can recommend and furnish sufficient levels of critical components for your stock that enables you to correct component failures without having to wait for a new part to arrive. This program is available at a discounted rate whenever new electrical equipment is purchased, or you can enroll in the program at any time after shipment at current pricing levels.

Replacement Parts
When you need a replacement part, M&I is ready to get the component you need into your hands as quickly as possible. We make it easy to order replacement parts with a customer support line that is staffed 24/7/365 at 832-652-3721 or 409-839-0170 or email We ship parts directly from the inventory we maintain at our three US manufacturing facilities. We offer same business day processing for emergency requests and provide a variety of shipping options.