Drilling, Offshore & Marine Services

Drilling and Offshore Services

For more than seven decades, M&I Electric has provided service to local and global drilling, production, and transportation industries. We offer full electrical design, installation, startup, and maintenance services on a 24-hour basis anywhere in the world. The Drilling and Offshore Service Group is comprised of experienced engineers and service technicians with extensive backgrounds in the industry.

Drive (SCR, AC DRIVES) Systems

  • Repair and calibrate
  • Add-on full cubicles
  • Modify for new assignments and applications
  • Upgrade with digital based controls

Troubleshooting Services

  • Worldwide availability

Technical Services

  • Short circuit, coordination, and load studies utilizing Captor Dapper

Turnkey Electrical Installations

  • Expansions and upgrades
  • Lighting systems
  • Cable tray for power, control, and distribution
  • Rig control and monitoring systems

Generator Controls and Distribution

  • Circuit breaker repairs and retrofits
  • Upgrades to digital controls
  • Repair and calibration
  • Circuit breaker primary current injection testing
  • Infrared studies