The M&I Automation Group was established for the design, manufacturing, commissioning and service of Marine & Industrial Automation Systems by a unique group of experienced key personnel with an aggregate of more than 75 years of experience in the automation Industry. Our personnel have provided Marine & Industrial Automation systems and services including Machinery Control Systems, Ballast Control Systems, Tank Gauging Systems, Power Management Systems, CCTV Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Alarm Monitoring Systems, Drawworks Control Systems and Land Drilling Rig Instrumentation Systems. We can quote any size system, from single point monitoring to full drilling rigs and everything in between. No request is too small and nothing is too much of a challenge. We’ve established strategic partnerships in our vertical markets that allow us to provide single-source integrated products from multiple areas of expertise.

Our Automation products include:

• DrillAssist™ AC Drawworks Control System
• Ballast Control and Monitoring
• Machinery Plant Control and Monitoring
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems
• Vessel Security Systems
• Drilling Automation