Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Safety is key, but not always the requirement for having a good CCTV system. We employ CCTV systems where having eyes on equipment is necessary, but difficult to dedicate manpower to. Our customers have used our CCTV systems to monitor drilling operations such as drawworks operation, crown view, crane view, and BOP monitoring.

We also provide CCTV to add security to dangerous operations. Operators need to know where all the personnel are at all times, and it is difficult to keep an eye on everybody in complicated processes. Using CCTV cameras we can place cameras in dangerous areas to keep eyes where you can’t always watch. We can even set up systems that raise alarms when somebody enters a dangerous area during an operation.

We have provided CCTV systems to many land rig operators, the NY Dept of Transportation, the US Coast Guard, and offshore drilling rig operators. We can do any size system from just a few cameras all the way up to multi-site monitoring systems with remote capabilities.